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Ask us about all of your health, fitness and wellness needs!

Private & Corporate Fitness Center Design

For Personal and Employee Wellness Initiatives

If your organization is thinking of developing a private fitness center, Moore Fitness Solutions are able to help you design and manage the most useful and intuitive facility.  

Our consulting services are geared for:

  • Corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Commercial and Residential Property Managers
  • Private Clubs
  • Homes

We are able to provide all phases of consulting for all areas of private and corporate fitness with experience in the many facets in which they exist. In addition, if you would like to outsource staffing, whether for training or maintenance, we have the resources and the know-how to take care of business for you.

Event Presentations

Workshops, Health Fairs or Corporate Wellness Initiatives

If your company is like most, then it spends too much on employee sick days and healthcare premiums. Our service platform saves you time and resources by creating, organizing and incentivizing each and every solution that your team of employees will put into action. We will assist in helping them find both short and long term wellness goals within accountable parameters so that you and your employees can begin to truly harvest the fruits of your collective labor. 

Public Wellness & Fitness Facilities Design

Spas, Yoga & Pilates, Strength & Cardio Centers

Moore Fitness Solutions provide consulting services to health clubs and fitness centers that range from small studios to 100,000+ square foot multipurpose facilities. Our expertise include planning and operational issues, providing you with outside perspective and experience that you need to get results and succeed.  

Our fitness industry know-how also focuses on:

  • Improving member retention, sales marketing systems, financial planning and analysis capabilities, and goal setting and reporting strategies;
  • Enhancing fitness program offerings and grow profit center revenues such as personal training and group fitness;
  • Expanding facilities and opening new sites;
  • Evaluating staffing needs, recruiting top-notch talent and transforming team performance.

Working in collaboration with club management, we identify the specific scope required to provide the appropriate services and then determine which experts on our team are the best fit for you.

Product Launch & Program Development

Wellness Equipment & Technical Consulting Services

Competition is tough, development costs are high and the average success rate of new product introductions is mediocre at best. As time-to-market for new products shortens, the pressure to increase adoption of your technology grows. You only get one chance to introduce your new product before the competition start to nip at your heels. Let us help you make the most out of this opportunity.

Product Sales and Distribution

Radiant Life Technologies' Delta 905/980 Systems and coMra Palm

Moore Fitness Solutions is proud to be an authorized agent of Radiant Life Technologies' cutting edge laser technology products. The Delta LLLT (Low Level Laser Treatment) device and the portable coMra Palm system is the first of its kind.