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Fulfulling our Part in Healing the World

Collaborative Benefits for Lasting Self-Sufficiency

  • Personal challenges can reflect the current state of industry: Many entrepreneurs must start to empathize with people in their lives who are facing health challenges and are deciding to step up and address the problem head-on. What we are witnessing with chronic diseases is a very large problem. Firsthand: the number one killer in the US is morbid obesity and the illnesses that tag along with it. Inspired to eliminate such an epidemic, we introduce the Delta Low Level Laser Therapy system in the US market. The focus from personal to organizational is the next step in applying the solution to both the fitness industry and the wellness and healthcare sectors to solve a problem that has hit close to home.
  • Minor frustrations can lead to big ideas: Not every idea starts with ambitions to save the world. Rather, many businesses begin by addressing frustrations that people face in their daily lives. When these problems are shared by millions of people, solving them can create a big impact. Delta Pro is designed for the medical and veterinary sectors, Delta Go for the fitness and wellness professionals and the coMra-Palm for the millions of other people who want to take control of their personal health on their own terms.
  • Identify distractions for introspection: There are some concepts in life that can simply captivate us, pulling our attention and curiosity like a magnet. When problems become distractions to progress, it is best to revisit our dreams and rekindle the spark that the muses inspire in us. Take time to reflect on the people and the ideas that matter to you, and stay awake to the challenges that humans face every day, both big (organizational) and small (personal).
  • The ebb and flow of indecision: Our difficulty in committing to life-affirming action can sometimes become a matter of life and death. There is very little difference between a company on the verge of collapse and a human body that has been neglected to the point of a physical, mental or emotional breakdown. The difference lies in the solution. The pioneering of 21st century technology and the dispersion of scientifically-proven experiential knowledge are key factors in making a mark at this time in human evolution.
  • Pervasive nature of the victim mentality: From one individual’s debilitating sense of helplessness to the highly litigious state of California’s legal system - victim mentality is a symptom of a larger problem. A widespread apathy towards movement and progress has become part and parcel of the acceptable Western culture that applauds the “quick buck” strategy and a twisted idea that one individual can profit from another person’s misery. Such practices have decimated the modern man into a caricature of his true self.  

Get Involved! Rent or Own a Delta

Why Rent A Delta?

  • Get the most updated technology without permanent investment
  • No maintenance fees
  • Offer new treatments, procedures and increase your ROI
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Custom Rental Plans
  • The Package includes Delivery, Set-up and Training

Rental Solutions That Help Grow Your Business

Renting laser equipment is the perfect way to offer treatments and add revenue without the out-of-pocket cost of owning the laser devices. Going with rentals gives you the opportunity to offer your clients an entire laser center without purchasing a single device.

Here are a few more advantages of renting rather than purchasing this equipment:

No Financial Risk

Without paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for each individual laser that will most likely be outdated in the near future anyway, renting lasers gives you the freedom to trade up and always have the most up-to-date lasers on hand.

Training, Service & Maintenance

We understand that you may have limited knowledge of how laser work, or limited experience operating these devices. Moore Fitness Solutions will provide you with full training upon delivery of your laser and will always be available to answer questions throughout the term of the lease.

State of the Art Technology

Renting our devices means you can always be sure that you’re getting the most recent product on the market. We keep up with the popular demand of the ever changing technologies in the medical field by finding ways to better our product and offer the newest lasers in the industry.

No Maintenance Costs

When opting to hire our laser equipment, the need for maintenance, repairs and keeping the equipment in proper working order is no longer your responsibility. We maintain our lasers, making sure they are always in proper working order. There is no liability or risk when using Moore Fitness Solutions. Should the equipment malfunction for any reason, we will have our qualified technicians fix the equipment for you at no extra cost.

Message us below to inquire about the cost of renting the Delta Pro and the Delta Go systems.