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Evolving Human Physiology -Body

Posted on October 21, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (2)

The fundamental tenet of human physiology lies in the individual's outlook on how body, mind and spirit all mutually support each other in its health and well-being. Having realized that the body acts interdependently - your thoughts, emotions, and body parts all play a role in your overall health - people are now more inclined than ever to consider the wisdom of holistic health coming from a variety of non-local traditions. With the increasing presence of these restorative modalities in the West, we are gaining not just a deeper sense of purpose in our individuality but also a better sense of fulfillment. Needless to say, our overall health depends on how alert, perceptive and conscious we are of our options and how we respond to the necessities of our human vessels.


"Fulfillment seems to describe better than any other single word the positive side of human development and human evolution - the realization of inherent capabilities by the individual and of new possibilities by the race; the satisfaction of needs, spiritual as well as material; the emergence of new qualities of experience to be enjoyed." - Julian Huxley, Scientist-Philosopher


Most times, our life’s calling has a tendency to revolve around desires that only fulfill the most basic needs. Depending on our circumstances, we might focus on material wealth to provide for ourselves and our families. Some might focus on careers for self-fulfillment, others on raising a family. For those of us less fortunate, this focus might require challenges on physical health and well-being very early on in life to guarantee a certain quality of living as we grow older.

The evolution of "living" consciousness has always been the veiled yet driving force behind all human endeavors, be it science, education, politics, religion or medicine. Yet there is one very important factor that has not been considered yet underlies everything we have discussed so far: that man is but a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic universe. Indulge me in this notion for just a moment. Take into account the interdependence of human cells that with today’s technology we can observe operating within our physical bodies. The life of the cell in its own private world interacts as a single entity in its ability to constantly reanimate and reinforce the body's defenses against illness. The cell's consciousness and its innate ability to depend on each other in a "meaningful" way allows for us to exist in our level of consciousness and human activity we see ourselves in every moment of our lives. The cell, in its singular existence, knows its purpose and its place within the realm of the organ it is associated with. Nevertheless it is also programmed to support and understand the other cells around it in conjunction with the overall health of the organ it is but a part of. Without this we, as human beings, cannot be sufficiently sustained as a living entity. Each cell has a distinct purpose in relation to its environment in achieving the good health of itself, its neighbors and the surrounding environment. In a larger scale, we can see this in our relationships and its reflections in that “bigger” reality we call the human race. We strive, even in unconscious ways, to be helpful and life-affirming; taking great pride in never hurting anyone or being destructive to ourselves and the people around us.